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Exhibition Inauguration at All India Fine Arts & Crafts Society, 1st December 2009.

National Buddhism Seminar, Ghaziabad. 6th,December 2009

Talk Show in Delhi College o Art, New Delhi, 3rd December 2009.

Exhibition Inauguration at Alliance Francaise, 15th December 2009.

Exhibition Inauguration at Museum of Fine Arts, Punjab University, 17th December 2009.

Installation of Hibiscus garden, Chandigarh 18th December 2009.

Pinjor heritage festival, Pinjore. 19th December 2009.

Performance in Rose garden, Chandigarh 19th December 2009.

Talk show with Thanka painter Sonam Tenzin, Manali 25th December 2009.

Installation on the river bridge, 15 mile, Manali 24th December 2009.

Wall-Installation on a monastery, Manali 27th December 2009.

Performance with the Lama monks & Snow cats, Manali 28th December 2009.

Exhibition Inauguration, Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur 3rd January 2010

Wall painting in Buddhist temple, Sarnath, 13th Jan. 2010 04th Feb. 2010

Exhibition in Visual art Exhibition Hall, Baranas Hindu university, Varanasi, 27th Jan 2010 30th Jan. 2010

Medical camp at Korean Buddhist Monastery, Sarnath, 29th to 30th Jan 2010

Performance with lama students at vajra institute, sarnath, 5th fab 2010

Art seminar in BHU(Baranas Hindu University) visual art faculty, 2nd Feb 2010

Talk show with Creative art Society, Meerut, 15th Feb 2010

Art workshop & Seminar on plastic and performing art in Faculty of fine art, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, 19th Feb 2010

Art seminar in Fine art faculty, Kurukchatra university, Haryana, 22nd Feb2010






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