FACE India (Foundation for art, Culture & Education) establish in 2007,

registered U/S 12AA, read with section 12A of income tax act, 1961

registered UNDER SECTION 80G(5)(VI) OF INCOME TAX ACT. 1961
A Trust and non profit making organization to spread awareness in the society about art, culture, education and other social activities.

The ambiance of art, Culture & Education invokes harmony, jubilation and unison in the society. The domain of fine arts and creativity can only expand as well as grow, when the artists get the platform to express their art in the society. However, there have been limited platforms available for the cause and we help to create such, to encourage budding artists. Promotion of art is a great synthesis between art, culture and education.

FACE India organizes different events in the across the India by supporting the art exhibitions, artists profile release, organizing art, cultural and educational workshops, competition, seminars, organizing camps and culture exchange programs


FACE India established in 2007

Founders Members


VIRENder Kumar, Social activist, art promoter and photographer 

Monika Angrish, Educationist





Board Members :

V.S.Kardam, Social activist, (President) National Award winner

Mr. Achint Bhatnagar, Social activist and film maker

Sanjay Dutta, Editor/ Senior Correspondent




Board of Advisor Associates












Mr. Prithipal Singh Bedi Sports activist, Padamshri Jaspal Rana, Mr. Shiv Singh, Internationally renowned sculptor, Internationally renowned painter Mr. Savi Sawarkar, Mr. Priyadarshi, Social activist Mr. P.N. Ajita Mr. Rauf Khan, Mr. Roop Chand, Ms. Sukirti Sharma, Rajesh Sharma, Minakshi Vinay Rai, Dr Dharamkirti, Ramchnndra Pokale.





Founder of FACE India Asia Pacific



Ms. Serah. G. (Japan)





Charted Accountant



Mr. P.P. Singh and associates












Associate Organizations

NEEDIndia         A-Concept          MAC Society of India        WON Buddhism     AIAJ  Ace Shooters Club





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